Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Punk is... night skating"

high ollie contest in front of the bar? yep. this is little john, the other little john. The deal was you had to take a shot of whiskey for each board you stacked. one at a time. don't care who won. lil john...6 shots deep.

Andy Roy...Dog pisser to rail. near Modesto

 I always wanted to write the caption: Toad Rips Road Trips. well...he rips at home too. over the hip. SFCA
Big B.A. early La Raza smith.

Josh...over the hip. BREATHE!

 The Body. up from the QP nosebluntslide

Giving P-stone a tow on your bike is not easy. J is all muscle.
(all pics z)

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