Wednesday, June 6, 2012

youth, out of sync.

In 2004 i was just getting the basics of photography; that is shutter, aperture, depth of field and understanding sync speeds. while driving back from one of the last 510 demos I was sitting shotgun Phelper was driving. Byron and two others sat in the back seat. they were such little fucking groms... i turned around and took this shot of young Byron(right) he musta been about 16 years old... anyway i was shooting black and white film and using a flash...but obviously i was shooting faster than my sync speed and this was the result. i love how it turned out, though. like the kids are still in the dark...and Byrons expression, even though it's just half his face, says a lot about youth. the lack of understanding sync speed made for a real good mistake and captured the moment in time better than i could have hoped for. ya Byron. 

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