Wednesday, July 18, 2012


this is a photo of luke ogden with bb gun in tobin

I got Tobin Yelland to play the game...this is what he thinks of the choices. also,   check out the link...and look for more to come in the next paper issue, #20

sick shit.

DH.STURT- camped overnight to snipe the secret Danny Way shoot.
ATIBA - watched 4th of July fireworks on Rich Jacobs roof in Brooklyn NY 2001.

MOFO -   Epic photos. Listen to Drunk Inguns
GRANT –Hooked me up with TWS- published my first double page spread of Jef Whitehead and Mickey Reyes getting arrested for skate ticket warrants on 16th and Mission.

NYC- Watched 9/11 from my roof in Brooklyn.
LA- Smell the beach and no more shoveling snow.
THE BAY-Love San Francisco !

BONELES- GSD and my first trick.
43-ORB and his dad laughing at how every snack in liquor store was .43 cents

FOLLOW FOOTAGE- Stecyk and Stacy used a big ass video camera in powell videos.

THAT TRACK SHIT- I had one and almost got hit by cars lots of times. All the kids are into it.
...THAT WHEEL CHAIR THING- Stay away from wheels chairs.

FUCKTARDS- freedom to do whatever you want.
A VISUAL SOUND- Pastras gave me a big board with roller blade wheels. That board was so fun and was smooth as hell. Loved follow footage from that video.

SPIKE JONZE- Inspiring. He did self portraits jumping off a roof into a pool. Got hit by a car and smashed the windshield.
GUS VAN SANT- he shoots and directs. I shot a photo of him because one of my friends was in my own private idaho. Milk was rad.

KEANU REEVES- Rivers edge.
ROB DYRDEK-bought Alien Workshop.

WHAT PAYS BETTER ...SKATEBOARDING/OTHER – Pharacutical companies pay the best. Then you burn in hell.

MOTORHEAD –Keep flipping the tape all the way to where your going.
ACDC- my first concert at the Cow Pallace age eleven.

OAKLAND-Tennis court banks.
BERKELEY- I was born there.

DEEP- 12 feet.
SHALLOW – 3.5 feet.

ELABORATE-good if your final product is not worse because of it.
MINIMAL SET UP- best option.


STREET- slappys.
VERT – Dropping in is fun. Also small quarter pipe with vert is fun.


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