Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Some people are inspired by rad guy mariano or beethoven or assbergers or whatever. but I’m  inspired, enamored and just mystified by this kinda shit. is it real? do these dudes have moms and dads? are their moms and dads drill sargeants or the adoption frenzied gay couple? have they never had their asses kicked? never been bitch slapped? these dudes look like they might have stepped straight out of their man-size baby strollers and into this ad.
what is that stance and look about? defiance? triumph? this is 100% fodder for ridicule...because ridicule, after all,  is the fate of the ridiculous. what are they selling? t- shirts and pleated shorts? or are they selling an attitude? what is the attitude?... some united colors of Benneton...mixing races for an instagram worhty photo shoot? even the lighting is bad. and the models are chubby and hands in the pockets..and hell...! are they  some hard ass mufucks or what? they look like mommas boys to me.
PEACE IS A VERB? what kinda bullshit are you cookin up over there?
and of course this ad is found in the fashion bible---VICE.
they OUGHTt to have put this in the DON’T’Section... but I imagine the advertising  dollar signs glowed bright or spoke louder or whatever.
so VICE is kinda like LOWCARD now... they’ll put anyone’s ad in their publication.

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